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My Wire Hanger Experiment

September 22nd, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

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A few weeks ago, I decided to do an experiment at work. Having changed clothes in the restroom (I had a wedding that evening and didn’t have time to drive home to change) and was wondering what to do with the wire hangars that my dry cleaned outfit were delivered to my office from the cleaners with.

Wire HangersAt first, I was going to dump them in the waste basket. But, as I joked to a colleague, I could just visualize some poor fool scratching himself and suing (we’re located in a spiffy tower with a gorgeous ocean view; while we do have the restroom to ourselves, other people could go up or down a floor and use it – and anyway I had this idea…)

So I joked to a friend who was washing his hands, “I wonder what would happen if I left the hangers on the clothes hooks that I’d hung them on while I changed?”

Me supposedly suffering from delerium(?), I decided to see how long they’d be there. As a kind of social science experiment. The restroom in question being visited daily, plus getting attention from the cleaners that the office tower provides, and no-one (except me and that one friend) on the floor knowing the significance of the hangers (and I think he forgot by now, anyway), I thought it would be fasinating… Although I wasn’t sure what I’d do with the results of my little experiment.

So fast forward 3 weeks.

The hangers are still there.

No one’s cleaned them up.

No one’s complained about them.

No one’s even asked about them.

What does that say about us people?

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