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The PS – Mythbuster?

September 23rd, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

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I recently put out a pair of emails on the GVO Launch, and found the tracking results fascinating… First of all, the conversion to leads/customers was pretty miserable, which tells me that I didn’t do a proper job pre-selling my prospects (either that or Kiosk did a bad job closing them which is possible, but kinda doubtful). But my lack of doing a decent job here wasn’t the point.

I set up tracking for each link in the email to a unique link, and the results were fascinating.

Of 733 recipients (all of who were on a VERY targeted list in the dedicated server niche), I got 100 opens (tracked), and 40 clicks.

Of the 40 clicks, 37 were in the top, and 3 on the PS link. Interesting…

Here’s the first email.

So then I decided to try a second email, more targeted at IM marketers, and see what would happen. I knew in advance that it wouldn’t convert as well because of the niche, so I branded it as what it was – my last GVO prelaunch email.

Here’s the second mail.

This one had only 23 clicks.

9 clicks on the “join for a buck”

8 clicks on the “here’s the countdown”

(Notice how those 2 were the emotional triggers in the email?)

4 clicks on the top link.

And 2 on the PS link.

Are consumers starting to mentally “filter” the PS of emails as advertising space and ignoring them?

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