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Blogging Is NOT Rocket Science!

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People tend to have this impression that blogging is a hard thing.  One of the disciplines that I’m trying to cultivate in my SuccessQUIK downline is the importance of an “About Me” page.  For example, the very first page that I put on my blog (yes, this one) was an “About  me” page.

Of course, the number one complaint that I get is how hard it is.  How it’s too complicated.  They have no graphic skills (neither do I, and that’s NOT your problem).  They have no writing skills (you don’t NEED writing skills.  Unless you’re completely anti-social then your normal “talking to your buddies” skills will do fine).

Heck, I’m not exempt myself – how many years did I put off this odious task (only to discover how much fun it was)?

It was almost – not quite, but almost – to the point that I was starting to think that maybe I’m wrong and it really is that hard, when these two blogs popped up.

A fresh downline member of mine, Don Grace, is 58, retired, as much computer background as any other 58 year old around, and he set this up in a couple of hoursWay to go, Don! That’s a textbook example of how to start a blog, and that little start is going to be making heavy contributions to Don’s retirement funds.  I’ll put my own hard-earned money on that!

And then, just ours later, I got word from another friend, LJ, who barely has internet connectivity, and was barely maintaining a single page (LJ – if you’re reading this, add new stuff to new posts – properly done, that will help your Google rankings massively) and showed me this gem.  OK, so it’s not the prettiest blog in the planet, but hey – at least he’s trying to collect the money lying on the table.

So what’s your excuse?  Here’s my challenge – be it old or new, I want you to post a comment below with a link to your blog.  I don’t use “nofollow” in my comment links (if you don’t understand that last sentence – just nevermind it) so there’s plenty of Google PR (and free incoming links!)  for everyone who rises to the challenge!

This post, and challenge, is dedicated to you two, Don and LJ, for stepping up and doing the steps that you’re taught which are almost guaranteed you to start bringing in money.

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  1. February 5th, 2012 at 23:13 | #1


    This is obviously a very old post, but considering that other people will read it I saw it essential to add my thoughts.

    I think anyone can blog, it doesn’t require “much” skill. Even the anti-social will make a great blogger because since such a person doesn’t mingle with others the blog will become his/her friend and such devotion can result in a great blog.

    If you notice I said blogging doesn’t require “much” skill. I want you to take note of the word “much”. It’s not completely right to say blogging doesn’t require any skill because even though you don’t need any writing skill and a particular tech knowledge, you should be willing to type and be comfortable facing the computer at least for a few hours that you’ll have to work on your blog. And you also should be willing to learn. These few things are necessary else you’ll just set up a blog and end up abandoning it.

    I like it when someone picks him/herself up to do something but while starting something is great, finishing is greater.

    I visited Don’s blog and I saw he only made one post since 2010. That’s sad. I hope he’s okay. And LJ’s blog seem to have some content but definitely more ads than content.

    The thing with making money from content publishing is that you have to first help your readers. Give them good value, build relationship with them and get them to trust you. Then and only then can you make real money off them. And guess what? They’ll be glad to give you their money too.

    It’s not advisable for a someone who wants to blog with the intention of making money to use a free blog. Though there are a 2 or 3 bloggers who’ve been successful using a free blog. However, in most cases those blogs on free hosting never really make any money. There are too many disadvantages of using a free blog.

    Here are just a few:

    You don’t have control over your blog and content. Your hosting provider can shut down your blog at any time and for no stated reason , and no apology either (common with Google blogger).

    No visitor will take the business of a blogger using a free host seriously especially without using a custom domain name.

    Free blogs especially Blogger, are not optimized for search engines. So you can’t really maximize search traffic no matter how hard you try.

    Blogging isn’t rocket science sure. But for those who want to make money blogging, when you decide to blog, do it with all your heart and hold nothing back. First learn how those successful at it are doing it, then set a clear plan for your blog and put your heart to it, otherwise don’t bother, save your time.

    If you want to make money blogging, you must treat it as a business. And for every business to grow and be successful requires effort, consistency and willingness to learn in other to keep improving.

    I wrote a step b step action guide page on my website for beginners who have decided to learn how to blog right and make real money. Visit the page at http://www.blogging-the-beginners-complete-guide.com/how-to-start-a-blog.html

  2. November 24th, 2009 at 05:00 | #2

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  3. October 7th, 2009 at 13:24 | #3

    Yes Isaac, your right, this isn’t the prettiest blog…but it’s full of reliable information on Safelist response (Safelist Testing Service).

    Hi Kevan, nice of you to follow my blog, I think it’s a great idea.

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  4. October 7th, 2009 at 01:29 | #4

    Hi there Issac,
    I have been an I am following both of the sites, as I am sure there will be lessons to learn.
    Places to go and people to see. I do have a blog but really do not find it easy to write in.
    But I am going to keep it up. Think it is a great way to keep in touch and to touch base.

    Cheers Kevan Brock…

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