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Why I almost cried! …And why that’s good for everyone else!

November 16th, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

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Before I got around to crying, I think I set a world record for saying “Wow!” yesterday.  The occasion certainly deserved it; my good buddys Paul Kinder, Jon Olson and Tim Linden invited me to take a sneak preview of their recently relaunched TE Toolbox, and…..  WOW!!!

Let me clarify: many of you know of my smart rotator system, called The Traffic Optimizer.  I won’t go into details of what exactly it does (you can look at a demo here if you really want.  I’ll wait.  Ready to go on?)  Anyway, I spent years perfecting the system.  It’s got ranked weights on the sites.  It’s got subrotators.  It’s got the ability to filter the views on the websites shown so that members of a given site don’t see ads for that site… EVER!  It’s hosted on Google’s network of servers so that the images and audios go lightning fast.  It’s got my own state-of-the-art tracking system.

It is, in short, what took me from a hobbiest with a list of 150 or so, to a pro with a name and face that the Gurus in the industry know and respect, a list of over 2,500, and a monthly residual income of hundreds of dollars.  Every month.

And I just threw half of it out the window.  Because TE Toolbox trumped me BIG TIME!  And the best part is that I can benefit from almost every single feature I mentioned above at TE Toolbox for less than 500 dollars!  Less than 100 dollars!  Heck, less than 100 quarters!

Want me to keep going?

Less than 100 nickels…  Or 100 pennies…  Or even 1 penny…

That’s right, free, non-premium-upgraded members DO get to play with the premium toys!

* Every link you send can be fully tracked right through to signup – even if you are a free member!
* Options to set the rotator to include frames, or have no frames, making it 100% advertisement-free – even if you are a free member!
* You don’t get one splash and squeeze page maker, you get TWO – even if you are a free member!
* You get to add your own sounds or speech hosted on a worldwide-spanning content network for lightning fast display – even if you are a free member!
* You can host 5 pictures or images on the same robust content network as the audios – even if you are a free member!
* You can earn great commissions from your downline – even if you are a free member!

I almost cried when I counted the hours and dollars that I’ve spent over the past 2 years and planned on selling for hundreds of dollars per month – and people have been BEGGING for my system at ANY price – only to see Paul, Tim and Jon go behind my back and spill the beans for NOTHING per month with TE Toolbox!

It’s so good, even *I’m* using their tools already!  And I haven’t even found the time to finish looking at all of the great features, yet, like the downline builder, the profit-pounding thank-you-offer rotator, the deluze banner rotator, the innovative site filtering, the incredible statistics interface with instant up-to-date results, 3 months history and sortable interface!


what the heck are you STILL doing reading this?  Go join TE Toolbox now!

Go away.  Stop reading.  You’re wasting precious marketing time!

PS.  OK, ok.  You’re going to be a treasure hunter, eh?  OK – here’s the deal, but let’s keep it quiet, ok?  After you sign up, you’re going to be offered an incredible one year top-level upgrade… for less than 3 figures!  And if that’s too much, there’s a monthly upgrade available for under 10 bucks…  But you’ve GOT to take it when you sign up, or pay more later on!  I won’t even tell you how much, because it’s just not as good a deal as this!  But remember – despite this being a steal, you’ll lose far more by not using the incredible free features now, than waiting to upgrade later.

Join TE Toolbox right this minute!

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