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SuccessQUIK New Sponsor Checklist

Congratulations on Refering a paid sponsor into our SuccessQuik team.

Vital First Steps:

  1. Email him/her a welcome email based on the templates (You must be logged in to SQ to get to this page)
  2. Ensure that your new referal is attending a Live Conference, (check the schedule at ). If at all possible, YOU should be there too, as it will strengthen the experience.
  3. If your referal has Skype, you may add him to our Skype group. If you don't have Skype, or are otherwise not in the group, you should send your referal's Skype ID to your upline sponsor and he/she will add your new referal to the group
  4. All members in our group are eligible for the rebrandable splash pages and tracking. In order to set that up, please pass the following information to your upline sponsor:
  • New member's SQ account name
  • New member's email address
  • New member's DIRECT sponsor (that's YOU) - please provide your SuccessQUIK username
  • New Member's First and Last name as they'd like to appear on the pages
  • A URL to a picture for the pages - the picture should be ~66px x 100px to fit best on the pages (Optional)
  • A Google Anayltics account number (UA-xxxxxxx-x) for statistics tracking (Optional)
  • New member's Skype ID (if they were added to the chat - otherwise, they'll be kicked out at the next moderation run)

If you are an upline sponsor being given this information, PLEASE verify that this is a new PAID member before passing it up the sponsorship chain to your own upline sponsor.

Your new member will also be subscribed to Issac's "2 Paid Referals in 7 Days" list. In the welcome email, he/she will receive a numeric ID (4 or 5 digits). This ID should be added to the end of all URLs to brand it properly (see below) so he/she should make sure to look out for it, and if needed, whitelist the address [email protected] Tell him that this is an important set of emails that will help him get started. You should follow up with your referal and make sure that they understand each day's mail and are acting on them!

You will get a copy of his/her ID via your sponsor, in case the email doesn't come though.

The following URLs are currently available: - Focus on cash back advertising - Focus on secondary income with a system - Sign up form in Green - Sign up form in Blue

The following parameters can be added to each URL (in this order):
?u=XXXX (replace XXXX with your numeric ID) - Mandatory to enable rebranding
&audio=no - Disables audio on the splash pages (it is on by default)

For example,

will display the first page for member 1000 (Issac) and no sound, whereas

will display the green form signup with sound enabled