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ResidualQUIK New Free Memeber Email
Hi #firstname#,
Welcome to ResidualQUIK. I wanted to touch base and welcome you to this advertising program which has proven to be successful to me! In addition to the excellent advertising value that I've gotten here (I personally recommend banners, which have given me a 1% CTR, and Top-Mail ads which have given me up to 5%, and their full page views have given me up to 3%, too!), there's an excellent income opportunity, too! In just the short time that I've been advertising here, I've been earning a great profit, and I'd really love to help you accomplish the same thing!

I also wanted to make sure you got your 2,000 credit fast action bonus on the site.

Finally, I wanted to tell you about the exclusive system we give to the upgraded members in our team. Firstly, they're entitled to use our rebrandable splash page system. We have pages such as which we'll rebrand with your name, photo, links and embedded tracking!

Additionally, they're eligible to enter our team Skype mastermind chat. You'll need Skype to access this, which is a free download from  This is an invaluable resource that's helped many of our team members.

Finally, after you send me the above information, I'll sign you up for our "2 Paid Referrals in 7 Days" series! This series has proven to be so successful, that it's been incorporated into the standard training materials provided on the website.

Best of all, your downline will benefit from the same rock-solid system virtually guaranteeing you long-term downline that won't dissappear or flake out on you.

As a direct referal from me, you'll also get private 1 on 1 help from me as you need it.

If twenty five bucks is too steep for now, we've also got a second option for a one-time ten dollar fee at a sister site which will pay your way into ResidualQUIK, and we have a system in place there too! Email me back for more information on this.

Don't hesitate to email me with any questions or comments that you might have.

All the best,
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