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ResidualQUIK New Paid Memeber Email
Subject: #firstname#, Welcome to ResidualQUIK From YOUR NAME (Your Upline)

Hi #firstname#,
Welcome to ResidualQUIK! I wanted to touch base and welcome you to
this advertising program which has proven to be successful to me! In
just a few short weeks, I'm set to earn close to $100 in net profit off
of my initial advertising package investment, and I'd really love to
help you accomplish the same thing!

I also wanted to make sure you got your 2,000 credit fast action bonus
on the website.

As you've signed up for the Monthly Package, I'd like to get you set up
with our exclusive team system here at ResidualQUIK.

Firstly, you're entitled to use our rebrandable splash page system. For
that, I'll need a URL to a picture of yourself (sized to aproximately
67x100 for best results) for your personal branding, and if you want me
to enable tracking for you, I'll also need a Google Analytics account ID
to report to (UA-xxxxxxx-x) - contact me if you need help with either of

Additionally, you're eligible to enter our team Skype mastermind chat.
You'll need Skype to access this, which is a free download from Send me your Skype ID once you've installed it
and logged on and I'll add you to the team chat. This is an invaluable
resource that's helped many of our team members.

Finally, after you send me the above information, I'll sign you up for
our "2 Paid Referrals in 7 Days" series!

Your downline will benefit from the same rock-solid system!

Don't hesitate to email me with any questions or comments that you might
have. You can email me at this address, and as a paid downline member,
you can also contact me on Skype - my user is YOUR SKYPE USER

All the best,
Your Name
Your Email
Your About-Me Page