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Important News – October 21, 7PM EST

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I’ve been waiting for 2 months to tell you all of the details about this.  I’ve been selected to be a part of the prelaunch for a new program called ResidualQUIK.  It’s a advertising exchange which is primarily paid only (there is a free option, more about that later) which offers you incredible cash-back opportunities:

Refer just 3 folks, and you’ll get more than 100% cash back.

Lock in your position right this instant!

But it gets better :)

Let anyone in your upline, bring in 3 folks that spill-over to you, and you STILL get over 100% cash-back!  Meaning that hypothetically, you could sit back, do nothing, and earn money AND more importantly, great advertising value, month after month.

Sound good?  Get in now!

Sound too good to not be fishy?  Read on for how it works.

The advertising exchange pools credits with a second successful exchange which has been around for over two years.  I’ve been quietly using them for a year and a half to enjoy great CTR of an easy 1% for banners, and even 5% for top-mail ads.  However, up until now they never offered a subscription package.  With the innovation of this subscription, they’ve added a 3×15 forced matrix to the deal to offer this incredible income opportunity.

There’s also a commission doubler available once your sponsor more than 2 direct referrals per month!

Don’t miss out by waiting for more people to join above you – lock in your place RIGHT NOW!

And the best part is, the launch is right now, so you can get in at the very top of the matrix and benefit from the massive recruiting campaign happening now.  That means that if you don’t have your own wide list of people to refer, this is your GOLDEN opportunity to succeed in the program WITHOUT doing the hard work.

I’ve also been hard at work creating tools and instructions for doing the system the “normal” way too.  So once you join with the link below and activate your spot in the matrix, you’ll be “plugged in” to my private training materials and I’ll work with you, one-on-one, to help you build your business, and your personal list, so you can take this success and duplicate this anywhere.

Ready?  Join the party, right now!

Still unsure?  I’d like to invite you to come to an online meeting with me and I’ll help explain it in detail and get all of your questions answered!  Just email me back (or leave a comment) asking for details!

I look forward to profiting both from the cash back and invaluable advertising!

PS.  The biggest wave is going to be happening over the next few days.  Don’t delay and lose your position.  As of the time of writing this, there are less than 200 matrix positions that have been locked in.  How bad will you feel if you push this off and join in position 20,000 instead of 200?  That’s  potentially 19,800 people that you could have earned from if you’d joined right now!

PPS.  I promise to get back to informational posts now that this launch is finally off the ground ;)

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