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My New Business (The Quiet During The Storm)

February 24th, 2010 1 comment

It’s been a while since I had the opportunity to write a bit. I’ve had an enjoyable month full of activity in all honestly, but slumped a bit in my online social activity.

So what have I done?

Well, first of all, I unveiled a really cool new feature to my splash pages, which has an audio welcome that’s customized based on what traffic exchange you’re viewing the page from. It’s really cool! To see it in action, try adding to your favorite traffic exchange and see what it looks like when you’re previewing it (try refreshing a few times, too ;) )

Then, later in the month, I started a limited beta test of my new dedicated server offerings, which you can read more about here, if that’s the kind of thing that interests you.

Finally, I broke 100 downline members at SuccessQUIK, and promised my 100th downline member a free upgrade on me, just for being number 100. Oddly enough, the guy never took me up on the offer.


Anyway, just wanted to drop a quick line to say that I’m still alive, and up to new and cool stuff to keep my business growing.

I’ve also been loving the thank-you page rotator at TE Toolbox which has kept signups to various programs flowing in even when I take my hand off of the pulse of my traffic-exchange-centered business. Kudos to Tim, Jon and Paul for that!

The Google Effect

February 7th, 2010 No comments

I’ve been having fun with these new audio greetings that I’ve got up on many of my websites.

Today, I’m going to steal an idea from Google. Google’s got this nifty feature where they tribute special occasions by changing the Google logo on their search page.

Well, I’ve decided to do the same for my audio welcomes. All of my sites will be switching from their normal, random (quirky?) welcomes in celebration of the great Superbowl Sunday :)

Tell me what you think!

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The Folly Of Not Double Checking

February 1st, 2010 No comments

Today, or yesterday more accurately, I screwed up.  I sent out a big campaign to 1,500 subscribers to a page with a broken sign up form.


I found out that it was broken when one of my subscribers told me that he couldn’t manage to sign up (thank goodness the copy was good enough to get that kind of eagerness!).

The interesting bit about this was not only my neglect to check that it works – I actually did check the link, and saw the signup page, but the neglect was that seeing that the signup form submitted, too – but more my surprise that it had taken me so long to catch this mistake.  You see, this is a page that I’d been using for months, and based on the fix that I had to make, I’d say it was broken for at least 2 months until now.

But it gets better:

I’ve actually been allowing my extended downline to use this particular signup form (rebranded with their name, picture and referal link of course) and none of THEM caught it for the past few months either!

Moral of the story: If you want to make money, you must check, and double check, and triple check (and then check that you triple checked just for good measure).  Otherwise you’re checking money down the toilet!

OK – I’ve been good and wrist slapped now, so it’s time to get back to making that money back!

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