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One Of My Top 3 Traffic Sources Just Silently Re-Launched

August 14th, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

If you’ve had a chance to read my Traffic Exchange book, you’ll already know why this is one of my favorite traffic sources, but just in case you haven’t, keep reading…

So, apparantly, a month or so ago, one of my favorite traffic exchanges re-vamped, re-designed and basically re-launched, but pretty quietly. The exchange in question is Traffic Swarm.

If I remember correctly, Traffic Swarm was one of the first 3 traffic exchanges I ever joined – I think this would have been back in 2007, or maybe even 2006 – having learned about them from the then brand-new Magnetic Sponsoring community. (Yeah, I could get sidetracked on Magnetic Sponsoring and talk about THAT for hours, but lemme stay focused).

What turned me on to Traffic Swarm back then was it’s similarity to Google Adwords, in that rather than clicking randomly from website to website (or even picking one based on thumbnails like some newer TEs do), you’re given a page full of “AdWords Ads” and you pick one to visit.

I’ve found that the targetted traffic I get tends to convert several tiems better than at any other traffic exchange that I use, if I can write a real winning ad, simply because the traffic becomes more “direct-response” type traffic, than truly random traffic.

I also found that another advantage is that I can put up more websites that are not so targetted for the “Making Money From Home” industry, and still get great responses – also, because of the filtering that they have.

A final useful tip, like I write about in my follow-up email series to my Traffic Exchange book, is that I love using Traffic Swarm as a great way to test ad copy before using it on Google in my Google Adwords account!

One thing I can say about Traffic Swarm, is that they’re one of the exchanges that I spend the most real money on, because of the quality of the traffic.

According to this post on their blog, they relaunched exactly a month ago. It was done pretty quietly, without much fanfare – at least not that I heard of.  Which is a bit of a shame, because they’be got some incredible deals going on.  Be forewarned that their offers aren’t cheap to begin with, but I personally have been looking for an excuse to get some Traffic Swarm upgrade goodness, so took them up on it anyways.

Let me know if you’re interested in hearing my results from the new Traffic Swarm.

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