Tracking My Safelists

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So there’s a brand new product called Viral Mail Profits which is going to launch really soon (as of writing, at least :) ) that I was invited to review by the admins, both of whom are really talented and good friends besides.  I’m not going to talk about why you should or shouldn’t sign up and/or upgrade. I frankly don’t even know what the pricing structure is yet!  Instead, I want to talk a bit about my experience in reviewing it.

At first, I thought that it was just a clone of Traffic Zipper.  For those who aren’t familiar, Traffic Zipper is a service that Mike Purvis provides which will automatically log you into your favorite safelists and send your messages for you.  I really didn’t like it for a bunch of reasons.  The big 3 were

  1. The fact that on credit-based safelists I couldn’t see how many members I could email.  That could possibly translate into a waste of credits, or worse: under-sending to less members than I potentially could.
  2. The fact that on safelists with separate text/html mails, I couldn’t customize the different options.  That’s also really important to me, since in HTML mails that contain tracking links, it’s important for me for the clickable link to not be a URL.  The reason for that is that the latter might trigger phishing-detecting programs, meaning lower penetration rates for my email.
  3. The fact that I was limited to a preset list of programs, which didn’t include several programs that I regularly use

When I initially logged in to Viral Mail Profits, it looked exactly the same as Traffic Zipper.   Except for one teeny tiny detail: the one feature that I really kinda liked about Traffic Zipper – the fact that it would do the hard work for me – wasn’t even there!  What?!?

But as I explored, I found that there were a bunch of features which were much cooler.

First of all, there’s a built in link tracking on a per-link basis.  Basically, the way the system works, you prepare your email messages and list of safelists in advance, just like Mike’s program.  But at Viral Mail Profits, instead of it sending the mail for you, it just formats the message (including the first-name tags and other per-safelist specifics) and gives you the exact mail to copy/paste into the safelist you want to send from.  Like I said, this initially seemed like an annoyance.  More work for me.

Oon the other hand, it meant that I’d be keeping up-to-date on these safelists by logging in each time, and seeing how my account is doing, and maybe if there are any special offers available.

Anyway, I was saying that the link tracker was also included in the emails that Viral Mail Profits prepared automatically for you.  That’s amazing! It  means that the average use  can start tracking their safelist mailing results without doing anything that they are not already doing!  That’s a massive feature AND time saver right off the top.

At first I was a bit negative about that feature.  I do my own custom tracking, and this didn’t seem to be a useful feature.  Later on, though,  I considered that I could put this on top of my personal tracking, and still benefit from seeing which versions of the email copy performed better or worse across ALL of the safelists.  That’s something which ha’s been difficult for me to do on my own.

At that point, I already knew that even for a pro like myself, this was going to be a useful tool!

But it got better.

There were also custom programs that I could add to the list and track without the system needing to “support” the safelists that I personally use.  That’s also a huge plus.

Finally, the cherry on top was the ad reminder system, that will email me every day that I can send a new email out and get it out on time, so as not to miss out on advertising that I’m paying (or clicking) for!

There are some extra built-in features too, but there really are so many that I can’t possibly cover them all here.  But I’m expecting to see a 250% increase in my safelist-generated profits really quickly.  We’ll see how it performs, but I’m pretty hyped over Viral Mail Profits!

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