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One of the things that I’ve quickly fallen in love with ThumbVu for is… No, not the thumbnails allowing you to pick which site you want to view next, although they’re cool too.  Not the voting buttons on the surfbar either – but they’re cool too; they allow you to send positive or negative feedback about the page you’re on to the site owner.

Anyway, before I get carried on about the things I didn’t want to talk about, let’s try to focus on what I did: the “Connect with” button on the surf bar.  When clicked it opens up the surfbar to show more information about whose page you’re currently viewing (including contact information for those people).

I like the feature for two main reasons.

Firstly, it lets me learn a lot about what people whom I already know are promoting.  For example, Tim Linden promotes his TE Toolbox rotator, whereas Tony Tezak promotes a splash page for Tezak Traffic Power.  But by watching what is being promoted, and by whom, there’s a lot that you can learn and take away from

Secondly, it helps me find interesting people who are marketing good pages and try to connect with them.  Like take Penny Cannon, who was randomly selected to be featured here by virtue of having a picture uploaded to ThumbVu and a matching picture branding her on this page.  That’s someone who understands the basics of Traffic Exchanges and is therefore someone whom I’d want to connect with more than people who keep rotating generic affiliate salesletter pages, who have a lot to learn.  (One might argue that I could do the opposite, too, and connect with people who don’t know the basics and give them a free copy of my book to help teach them :) )

The best part about this nifty feature is the fact that I asked for it to be available as a default option in my surf, and was rewarded with the admin’s agreement and it being added as an option in your “Profile” page just 24 hours after I’d made the request.  Kudos to John for making that happen so fast!

Anyway, in conclusion, there’s lots to learn from this exchange and I get the feeling that the social marketing potential will exceed even what I got out of Hitsilo (you’re gonna have to search the blog archives for that – I’m too lazy to post a link.  Sorry)

So anyway, what do you like (or hate) about ThumbVu?

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