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Important News – October 21, 7PM EST

October 22nd, 2009 No comments

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I’ve been waiting for 2 months to tell you all of the details about this.  I’ve been selected to be a part of the prelaunch for a new program called ResidualQUIK.  It’s a advertising exchange which is primarily paid only (there is a free option, more about that later) which offers you incredible cash-back opportunities:

Refer just 3 folks, and you’ll get more than 100% cash back.

Lock in your position right this instant!

But it gets better :)

Let anyone in your upline, bring in 3 folks that spill-over to you, and you STILL get over 100% cash-back!  Meaning that hypothetically, you could sit back, do nothing, and earn money AND more importantly, great advertising value, month after month.

Sound good?  Get in now!

Sound too good to not be fishy?  Read on for how it works.

The advertising exchange pools credits with a second successful exchange which has been around for over two years.  I’ve been quietly using them for a year and a half to enjoy great CTR of an easy 1% for banners, and even 5% for top-mail ads.  However, up until now they never offered a subscription package.  With the innovation of this subscription, they’ve added a 3×15 forced matrix to the deal to offer this incredible income opportunity.

There’s also a commission doubler available once your sponsor more than 2 direct referrals per month!

Don’t miss out by waiting for more people to join above you – lock in your place RIGHT NOW!

And the best part is, the launch is right now, so you can get in at the very top of the matrix and benefit from the massive recruiting campaign happening now.  That means that if you don’t have your own wide list of people to refer, this is your GOLDEN opportunity to succeed in the program WITHOUT doing the hard work.

I’ve also been hard at work creating tools and instructions for doing the system the “normal” way too.  So once you join with the link below and activate your spot in the matrix, you’ll be “plugged in” to my private training materials and I’ll work with you, one-on-one, to help you build your business, and your personal list, so you can take this success and duplicate this anywhere.

Ready?  Join the party, right now!

Still unsure?  I’d like to invite you to come to an online meeting with me and I’ll help explain it in detail and get all of your questions answered!  Just email me back (or leave a comment) asking for details!

I look forward to profiting both from the cash back and invaluable advertising!

PS.  The biggest wave is going to be happening over the next few days.  Don’t delay and lose your position.  As of the time of writing this, there are less than 200 matrix positions that have been locked in.  How bad will you feel if you push this off and join in position 20,000 instead of 200?  That’s  potentially 19,800 people that you could have earned from if you’d joined right now!

PPS.  I promise to get back to informational posts now that this launch is finally off the ground ;)

Huge program launch tomorrow…

October 20th, 2009 No comments

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I’ve been meaning to blog about this all day today. I’ve just been feeling under the weather, and haven’t been up to doing anything today.

However, I’ll never forgive myself if I don’t share this information, so here goes:

Tomorrow at 19:00 EST, a brand new advertising program is launching. Note that I said program, and not exchange. The thing is, it’s a new program for buying advertising at an EXISTING exchange, which already has proven itself with high CTR rates (at least in my personal experience)

The new “program” is a new income opportunity that’s built around the program. It’s like taking an existing great product and adding MLM to it. The result is going to be amazing! Watch this space tomorrow at 19:00 (that’s 7PM) EST for details!

The Biggest Giveaway of 2009?

October 20th, 2009 No comments

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6 days ago, I blogged about The Halloween Giveaway, a joint venture being hosted by Guido Nussbaum.  At the time, there were a handful of contributor signups.

Then, less than a day later, I left a message that the number had skyrocketed to near 500.

Now, 6 days later, we’re pushing 1,500 contributors.

In layman’s terms, that means 1,500 folks who are going to be promoting this event to their entire world in order to better their own position in this event.  Meaning that if each contributor only manages to bring in, say 10 members, and it’s likely to be better, that’s already a whopping 15,000 folks coming.

Wouldn’t you like a share of 15,000 visitors?  Even 1% would be nice…  And the numbers still have plenty of time, and potential, to grow.

Well, the good news is that you can still sign up as a contributor.  The bad news is that you have 1,500 other folks to contend for those visitors’ attention.  Of course, 1% of them will likely click on the majority of the gifts, but wouldn’t it be nice to place your offer close to the first thing that new members see if they login?  Maybe up your eyeballs from 1% to 80%, 90% or more?  If so, then you should still sign up as a contributor BUT pay close attention to the screen that shows up immediately after you register, which tells you how to do just that… AND for $100 cheaper than you’ll be able to later on after you finish registering…

All the best in your list-building efforts!

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The Halloween JV Giveaway

October 14th, 2009 1 comment

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The Halloween JV Giveaway launched yesterday.  There wasn’t anywhere near as much fanfare as I’d have expected, and I wonder why?  I pounced on a giveaway with this potential (#13, baby!) and the giveaway is giving me the results I’d have expected, too!  13 signups to my 2 lists so far – and we’re not even a day into the pre-launch yet!

For those who aren’t familiar with the business, JV giveaways are a win-win-win website setup where you have 3 major participants: the site admin, the contributors and the members.

The site admin wins hands down with a massive list, cash from the paid deals inside, and the publicity.

The members win by getting a lot of valuable free content which (hopefully) they’ll put to great use.  Tons of ebooks, software packages, discounts, MRR and PLR packages… All for the taking.

Contributors win because members typically leave their name and email address every time they download one of the contributor’s gifts.  We also get banner promotion, and commissions when we refer paying members.

In a good giveaway (and this isn’t the place to define “good”, but this giveaway will be a “good” one!) I can get hundreds or even thousands of subscribers to my lists.  And if I can’t monetize the giveaway off of commissions, I’ll monetize off of the list down the road.

Once inside, there are paid upgrade options.  In such a hot giveaway, I’ll generally take this offer because it gives me priority placement inside the giveaway, AND bonuses like banner rotation, which free members don’t get (and with my banners already typically converting 6-8% on these events, that’s worth something in it of itself!).

But I’m getting off topic.  I was mentioning that there’s been very little publicity so far, and that it’s odd because this isn’t just an event that I think will help me out – I’ve already seen results less than a day after launch, so I know that it’s a winner event.

Folks, in my opinion, if you’ve been looking for a place to build your list, this is it! Get in, and for best results, upgrade if you can!

Let’s build monstrous lists!

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My HitSilo Launch Review (Part 1) – Did Logiscape Do Something Wrong?

September 27th, 2009 1 comment

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Friday, Logiscape released their latest traffic exchange, Hitsilo.

The launch was quiet… Almost too quiet.

Nowhere near as exciting as the TrafficEra launch two years ago, that’s for sure.

The thing is, 2 days after launch, I still haven’t seen more than a handful of Traffic Exchange operators advertising it personally – which is odd. Usually you’ll see the membership shoot up fast at such a launch, due to massive promotion by large and popular exchange owners (these are the folks who usually have both a large & influential list, as well as interest in promoting good exchanges for the overall good of the industry).

That doesn’t mean it’s a bad sign against the exchange (not by itself, at least) – plenty of other exchanges have quietly risen up to the tops of the charts – HitBoosterPro and High Hits are two of my favorite exchanges like that. They’re little gems that never had the huge JV launches, and yet they delivery good quality traffic, and will be around for years to come at their current growth and activity rates.

There’s also a new twist to the Hitsilo game – unlike previous exchanges where you were rewarded in credits for your recruiting activities, so far Hitsilo hasn’t shown to have any such thing (there is a PV bonus, but there’s no FAQ on exactly what PV brings you). There’s no Logibucks anymore either. Instead, Logiscape has rolled out a new commission structure which lets you earn up to 70% cash commissions.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining about exchange owners leaving money on the table. More for the rest of us, as far as I’m concerned. The upgrades are rather affordable this time – Logiscape’s discovered the One Time Offer this time around, and is offering a 1 year Pro upgrade for less than $110. And they’ve prought the VIP add-on from TrafficEra and called it PowerPlus. There’s another monthly fee on this (Logiscape: If you’re reading this, it really costs too much now – it costs almost as much as the Pro membership, and I personally don’t see the value in it, other than commissions. The Silo and Bonus Credits shouldn’t have the same price tag as the Pro membership!)

Free members start out with a 10% commission on upgrades and credit sales, and upgrading can get you up to 50%. In addition, once you get more than 6 upgraded downline members you’ll max out at 70%.

It’s too early to say how well the traffic is going to convert. More on that soon, but it’s definately going to be around for a long time, and it’s going to be popular!

If you haven’t yet, you should definately join (and upgrade for max results) at Hitsilo.